Words: Fuelish Media

Photos: Brian McGee

It’s always refreshing to see something different and this Nissan Titan XD really takes a walk on the wild side. Though there are many options in trucks to build, the custom scene is dominated by Chevys and Fords. Be it brand loyalty or the influence of others, most don’t try something different. Yes, aftermarket parts may be harder to find for trucks like this, but the results stand out from the rest.
Though Nissan doesn’t have a long history of producing full-size trucks, the Titan is a pretty stout pickup. A few years ago, the company redesigned it and offered the XD version, which was beefed up yet still not quite capable as a three-quarter-ton truck. However, the XD does come with a Cummins V8 turbo-diesel engine. That in itself makes it pretty tempting for anyone to switch teams.
In order to help create some buzz around the Titan XD, Nissan was looking for an influential builder to customize one. Through a dealer contact in Nashville, TN, the folks at Nissan heard about Brian’s Motorsports (BMS) and the work that the shop is capable of producing on a regular basis. After meeting with owner, Brian Hayes, a deal was made to have the truck done up for the upcoming SEMA Show.
If you have checked out the all BMS-built trucks featured in this magazine, you would know that the shop worked on two other vehicles that were destined for SEMA at the same time. BMS already had a full load, but the opportunity to work with a large automaker is one you don’t pass up. Soon enough, a truck arrived at the shop, but it was not the one you see here. Apparently, they sent one with a two-tone paint job, but BMS requested to have one in a single color. After the mix up was settled, BMS was sent this black Titan and it was off to work.
Though the plans for this truck were finalized in early summer, parts did not show up until fall as they were still being designed. Since the defining part of this truck is the lift, it was critical to get it as soon as possible. The Bulletproof Suspension system arrived a mere few weeks before the show. It was still in a prototype stage and there were no instructions. Because the staff at BMS are professionals, they were able to work out the kinks with the 12” kit.
You may also notice that the exterior is a bit different than factory versions. The biggest change was with the fenders as these flared versions came from McNeil Racing. Making them function was not an easy task since they only came with the outer shells. BMS had to then spend countless hours fabricating inner front fenders to make it all work together. Afterwards, the exterior was dressed up with Bodyguard bumpers and a Go Rhino Sport Bar 2.0, with retractable bar for the LED lighting.
With the truck together, the body along with the new fenders, was painted black by John Hall. One thing you may notice is that the truck has only two colors and the secondary chocolate candy was added with various powder coated pieces that match a factory color found in the interior. The finishing touch was the one-off KMC 24×14 two-piece forged version of the XD838 wheels, and they were wrapped in 40” Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires. BMS finished this truck just in time for it to be loaded up and headed to the big show, where it made a debut in the KMC Wheels booth. This Titan XD has a distinctive look and proves that these trucks are a great alternative for anyone looking to own something a bit different.



  • One-off KMC 24×14 two-piece forged XD838 wheels
  • 40×15.50×24 Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires


  • 12” Bulletproof Suspension lift
  • Atlas leaf springs
  • Bulletproof 2.0 reservoir shocks
  • Bulletproof 2.5 coilover shocks
  • Bulletproof billet shocks
  • Bolt-on tractions bars
  • Uniball A-arms


  • AFE Atlas 4” DPF-back aluminized steel exhaust system


  • Bodyguard A2L front bumper
  • Bodyguard A2 rear bumper
  • Mag Hytec GM 14-9.5 differential cover
  • McNeil Racing Inc. Baja front and rear fender flares
  • Lue AWC Gravel Empire grille
  • Amp Research PowerSteps
  • Go Rhino Sport Bar 2.0 with actuated retractable light mount
  • Paint by John Hall
  • Powder coating by Mr. Speed Coatings
  • Metal fabrication by Greg Leonard at Neely Precisio


  • Royal Hooks
  • Infinite Rule Security locking pins


  • (6) Rough Country / 4” square LEDs
  • Rough Country 30” dual row LED bar
  • (4) Rough Country 2” LED pods
  • (4) Rough Country 2” square flush mount pods
  • (4) Oracle white wheel rings
  • (12) Rigid Industries A-Series Rock Lights


  • Trigger Switch Systems controller
  • 244 Nightmare Hornblaster kit


  • Suede headliner and A,B and C pillars by Stephens Brothers Auto Interiors