Words: Kristie Real

Photos: Dale Martin

When your services are constantly in-demand, all the exposure and requests can be a blessing and a curse. Obviously, it’s a blessing because you’re always busy, but a curse because now you’re so busy that you have to start turning away business because you don’t have the facility or resources to keep up with the demand. The O’Krinsky family knew this dilemma all too well after their shop, Extreme Offroad & Performance, in Katy, Texas, became famous and sought after for their level of customization and detail in the custom lifted truck scene.


When the decision was finally made to start the facility upgrade, brothers Austin and Jordan, along with their father Michael O’Krinsky, had to find a new place that had everything their old one didn’t. “We all combined our ideas and discussed how we could change the aftermarket industry again and that’s when we came up with our final product in our new facility!” Jordan mentions. “We wanted our business to not only be luxurious with our new modern style and well organized shop, but also have it be a home that current and future clients will continue to stop by making it an inviting environment! All three of us wanted that same goal in making our new facility a home for everyone who walks through our doors with a look of amazement on their faces to see what a shop could really be like!”
Looking for a building with a great street view and layout wasn’t any easy task and the search was long and tedious. It couldn’t be just any open space given they wanted to create a vibe that was similar to a luxury car dealership, allowing customers to view a wide range of products and more the moment they stepped inside. But after looking for what felt like forever (but was actually three months), they finally found the perfect spot – a building that Jordan feels just “fell into our laps like it was just waiting for us all along!”
Once the new facility was found, it was time for the hard work and dedication to begin. But since that’s what Extreme Offroad & Performance are known for, it was just like a SEMA crunch for the crew, with the long hours needed to make it a smooth transition. While a lot of the old heavy machinery made its way to the new shop, they were also excited to add loads of new things to help them branch out and offer more to their clientele. “We are now working on the old school muscle cars, as well as exotic cars to add to the already long list of services we offer, which includes motor work, vehicle wraps, paint protection film (PPF), a car audio division expansion, body kits, and much more! We are also constantly staying ahead with new equipment and technology that we obtain from SEMA to increase production and stay ahead of our schedules!” They’ve also added more skilled and knowledgeable employees with niche skill sets to excel at all their new offerings.
As they settle into the new facility and ramp up their business to another level, the O’Krinskys are still continuing to provide great customer service to all their clients, and pursue new clients to offer everything under one roof making them truly a one-stop-shop for anyone’s vehicles needs!


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