Words: Kristie Real

Photos: Dale Martin

When you’re promoting your new facility, you’re going to need something bold, big and badass to get people’s attention. Jordan O’Krinsky of Extreme Offroad & Performance wanted something to serve as a rolling billboard for the shop, while still functioning as a daily driver. Together with his brother, Austin, and his dad, Michael, as well as his shop team, Project Supreme Extreme was manifested. “I wanted something that was extraordinary that caught people’s attention,” Jordan admits.
The theme for the build was based off the SUPREME clothing brand. Like the brand, Extreme has blown up in the customization world in a short period of time with today’s generation, according to Jordan. Thus a vibrant red and white color scheme was chosen and a Ford F-250 Lariat Edition was the perfect foundation. While some would have preferred a Platinum or King Ranch, Jordan knew the price tag only reflected some added badging that wouldn’t really add to the truck’s overall transformation. “I wanted those extra funds in order to achieve the minor details that a lot of builders fail to do and skip because of the added costs! I chose not to skip on these core details in order to stand above the rest in my industry! To choose to take risks in a build with such elaborate and bright colors is something people tend to stay away from, but for me I chose to take that risk and it surpassed my expectations completely.”
When choosing the right products for the build, Jordan decided to completely change it up on how they themed their past projects and came up with an entirely new style that they hadn’t done before. “From the already great companies I have worked with in the past, to the new ones I had my sights on, I wanted something special and was goal driven to see this special project through until it hit the ground rolling to SEMA 2018!”
Jordan decided to take the cab off the frame and fill in the factory frame holes for that smooth finish to start with. As they continued this process, the crew knew that the 20” Stage 4 Ultimate AirRide suspension had particular specifications that didn’t require a lot of the factory parts.
So they removed the rear leaf spring brackets, as well as the front radius arm brackets , and even went as far as designing a custom plate where the old spare tire used to exist in order to mount and display all the intriguing components that made the functionality of the air suspension come to life. He also powder coated the axles and installed AFE Power front/rear diff covers in addition to AFE Power’s transmission pan and engine oil pan for that special touch. With the one-off Extreme frame complete, a set of 28×16 Specialty Forged wheels wrapped in 42” Fury tires with True Spike lug nuts finishes off the towering stance. Air Ride Equipped with AirLift Performance 3H/3P setup with Flo Airride dual billet tanks, dual Flo Airride compressors, accompanied by Hornblasters Shocker Horns were added, while performance upgrades include a PPEI EZ LYNK AutoAgent 2 with a switch on the fly, FLO~PRO diesel stainless exhaust, AFE Power cold air intake, EGR and DPF delete, and Mishimoto hot and cold side Intercooler piping.
Finishing the exterior include an Extreme grille designed by RoyaltyCore, custom red AMP Research Power Steps, Main Event emblems, Extreme side vent badges, Morimoto XB LED headlights and Recon LED tail lights that were all done by plainANsimple. Jordan also has a Ram air hood from RK Sport, Retrax Powertrax PRO MX, Bedrug full liner, and a Bedside with added railing and storage compartments. Plus, the Ford has Bodyguard A2L front and rear bumpers with HEISE LED light bars and undercarriage rock lights by METRA Electronics. The bumpers feature front/rear Monster Hooks shackles accompanied with InfiniteRule Security Locking pins for added safety.
“We faced minor challenges in rerouting the factory wire harnesses to hide all the wires, properly running all air lines, as well as putting the pieces like a puzzle back together after tearing apart a new Ford F-250 into a million pieces!” In order to overcome these issues, the crew had to really plan out where everything would go and properly label every part that was disassembled and reassembled onto the truck.
As a build that would normally take six months, the crew finished it in half the time to be able to meet their deadline. “The final product was amazing as it shows in the amount of time and work we put into it,” Jordan admits. “I was always taught that you only get out what you put in, and me and my team at Extreme Offroad & Performance Inc. fully accomplished everything we wanted with the elaborate ideas we added to this build and to be able to put the Extreme name on it.”
As one of their most comprehensive builds to date, the responses they’ve received for their hard work was nothing short of great. Everyone that has seen the truck in person has been blown away by the quality of the build, along with the attention to detail that really draws viewers in as they take notice of all the intricate accents. “We at Extreme Offroad & Performance stand by our work and we feel proud, accomplished, and honored to be able to build something so great that it puts a smile on people’s faces!”
Project Supreme Extreme has been showcased at SEMA and the LA Autoshow and will continue to be shown at various events in Texas. “This build definitely has its features that stands above the rest of the past builds we’ve completed at Extreme Offroad & Performance Inc., including its crazy suspension work and details underneath!”

I wanted to give a special shoutout to :
the guys who put in the time and effort to stay long hours after work to accomplish this crazy task. A huge thanks to Luis Villarreal and Jordan Winkle! Without the ideas we all shared on our journey to build the craziest truck in the game and to be able to implement them in such a short time frame was an experience I will never forget! Also, a huge thanks to my brother, Austin O’Krinsky, and father, Michael O’Krinsky for giving us the necessary resources in order to produce such a masterpiece of a build! – Jordan O’Krinsky


Owner: Jordan O’Krinsky –  extremejordan


  • 28×16 Specialty Forged SF038 wheels
  • 42” Fury Offroad Country Hunter MT tires


  • 20” Ultimate AirRide suspension
  • (8) Dual hoop FOA shocks
  • Hydraulic steering from a Ram truck
  • Signature Metal Fab front sway bar
  • Airlift Performance air management with Firestone bags
  • Dual Flo AirRide billet tanks
  • Dual Flo AirRide compressors


  • PPEI EZLynk Auto Agent2
  • FLO~PRO stainless exhaust
  • AFE Power cold air intake
  • AFE Power transmission pan
  • AFE Power engine oil pan
  • AFE Power front/rear diff covers
  • Mishimoto cold/hot intercooler pipes
  • EGR and DPF delete


  • Bodyguard A2L Series front/rear bumpers
  • HEISE LED Lighting
  • AMP Research PowerSteps
  • RK Sport Ram air hood
  • Royalty Core custom “Extreme” grille
  • Morimoto XB LED Headlights by plainANsimple
  • RECON LED tail lights by plainANsimple


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