When a builder has their eye on a certain rig, they’ll do anything in their power to get their hands on one, even if it means saving up to make the purchase or waiting until the right make and model becomes available (which can sometimes take years). Finding that gem is what fuels their passion and creativity as they envision what they’ll do to it long before it’s even in their possession. Calvin Chapleau is an LFTD&LVLD veteran, whose many customs have graced the pages (and cover) of our magazine. Known for his OBS transformations, his skills and creativity are renowned in the lifted truck customizing scene as his creations are always the biggest buzz at various shows, events and on social media. For his latest build, Calvin has had his eye on this one-owner Ram since he was a kid. “My dad actually wanted one back in 1992,” he details. “He wanted this exact truck, but someone else went a few hours before he could make it and missed out on buying it.”
When he got older, he offered to purchase it without any luck as the owner wasn’t quite ready to part ways with it. But after countless offers and some persistence, the owner realized that Calvin’s interest in the beloved Ram was the real deal and saw the pride Calvin always has in all his builds, and the owner finally gave in and sold. “It was actually in great shape for it being a 1992. It was a one-owner truck and the guy really took care of it. He never even used it in our Canadian winter months.” For Calvin, it was as if he won the truck lottery that day and wasted no time beefing up his dream Ram that also features personal touches that honor his late father, who passed in 2019. “I wanted to build a first-gen regular cab for a while now,” he confesses. “The frames in past builds were always detailed, but this one is much more intricate when it comes to details – from the suspension to my dad’s old coat sleeve incorporated in the interior. Calvin also nicknamed it “Let’s Play” after license plates that were passed down by his dad, which he mentions were on all of his own cars.
With a vision set in stone, he took his pencil to some paper and began what would become his most special build to date. “It’s just on another level of detail than with my previous truck builds or ones I’ve owned,” he confesses about the intricate upgrades the Ram was given. Fabricated and crafted like no other build before it, the Ram is loaded with customization that all add to its alluring and lifted appeal. Calvin especially favors the suspension work done by Diego at Resurrected Fab, who he mentions “is one of the best around.” He’s also quite partial to the interior for its nostalgic additions that bring back fond memories of his late father like the cloth from a red checkered coat that was always worn by his dad that was added to the doors. Finally, the TIS wheels provide it with some extra flair and provide a stylish stance for the beloved rig. The overall build took a total of eight months and countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to complete to get it ready for the 2021 SEMA Show. Currently, it’s a marketing rig for Calvin, but he does take it out occasionally for Sunday cruises with the family. And although Calvin does say goodbye to previous builds to make room for new ones, this Ram won’t be going anywhere soon. Instead, it’s going to be his pride and joy, mentioning that he’ll forever be adding to the original build.
With live shows coming back, Christopher was beyond thrilled to show off all his blood, sweat and tears that went into the truck at the 2022 Lone Star Throwdown back in February. Despite its already impeccable looks and a long list of mods, right now, it’s getting prepped for SEMA, where it’ll be shown with a slightly new look, he adds.
• Custom 4-link suspension with triangular link arms and powdered frame
• Suspension bolts laser cut with logo by @px3laser_engraving
• One-off suspension and frame done by Diego from Resurrected Fab
• Performance
• 150 over injectors
• DD Diesel governor springs, full pin and turbo
• Swanky Steel hood stack
• Custom-built transmission
• Locker gears
• Locker posi rear end
• Paint by Kap Collison
• Ceramic coated exterior by Nano Ceramic Timmins
• Boost Bars grille
• Flog front bumper
• Hornblasters horn kit
• Custom-painted transfer case and oil pan from North Muskoka Auto Body
• Vivid Lumen LED headlights
• Klearz Manufacturing taillights
• 34 BAMFled rock lights
• Custom-finished bench seat and leather wrap dash and door panels by @itsvladnesic
• Black Diamond Car Audio system
• Custom pods and audio installed by

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