Words: Fuelish Media

Photos: Brian McGee

If you really want to take the world by storm and make something of yourself, you better know how to hustle. Many people want to have it all, but fail to commit to all the hard work it takes to build a name people will recognize. Striving to make it big means sacrificing time and really giving it your all.

Brian Hayes knows this all too well given he’s built his business, Brian’s Motorsports (BMS), from the ground up over the years. Based out of Hendersonville, TN, this shop specializes in lifts and is the region’s largest of its kind. The 10,000-square-foot facility has 15 employees wrenching on a daily basis. Turning dreams into reality is BMS’ specialty and the crew is dedicated to creating nothing but the best rides around.
Building up a business like this takes time and does not come overnight. In 1999, Brian started out with humble beginnings by selling wheels and tires in his backyard. Back then 20” wheels were the hottest trend in custom vehicles, and Brian was purchasing tires in a bulk of two hundred at a time. Early on, Brian made sure to always take care of his customers the best he could and network with other businesses. For him, these things are the key to his success.
Two decades later, Brian’s business has transformed into a massive production. He has also built a few personal vehicles and recently decided to build this ’17 Ford F-250 Super Duty for a past SEMA Show. Since Brian’s shop specializes in lifted trucks, he figured he would go all out on this personal ride. He ordered up a 10”-12” adjustable Kelderman front and rear lift kit to get things going. This suspension system uses a Hadley management kit to control the airbags, which gives this truck up to a 16” lift.
SEMA builds are generally rushed and this truck was no different as parts were still being developed during the months before the show. The 28×16 GRID Off-Road GF11 wheels were one of those pieces still getting some final touches. Running behind on time, they were dropped off to him at the airport with Southwest Airlines and then an Uber driver picked them up and delivered them to BMS. With all the parts together, Mr. Speed Coatings then powder coated them and the wheels were then wrapped in 42”- tall Fury Country Hunter MT tires.
The exterior was upgraded with bumpers from VPR 4×4 and a grille from Gravel Empire. Then, a host of LED lighting was added to help with nighttime visibility. For some extra performance, a 4” cat-back exhaust system from MBRP was added. Once finished, the truck made a strong debut at the show. Brian has worked hard to get where he is now in life and all his efforts have paid off and allowed him to create one badass daily driver.



  • 28×16 GRID Off-Road Forged GF11 wheels
  • 42×15.50R28 Fury Country Hunter MT tires


  • Kelderman 10”-12” air ride suspension front and rear
  • Hadley Air Management
  • Dual Fox steering stabilizers


  • 4” MBRP cat-back exhaust system
  • Custom-built driveline


  • VPR 4×4 PD-168-BH front bumper
  • VPR 4×4 PT-049-BH rear bumper
  • Lue AWC Gravel Empire grille
  • Amp Research PowerSteps
  • Paint by John Hall
  • Powder coating by Mr. Speed Coatings
  • Metal fabrication by Greg Leonard at Neely Precision


  • Royal Hooks
  • Infinite Rule Security Locking Pins


  • (12) Rigid Industries A-Series rock lights
  • (4) Oracle white wheel lights
  • VPR 20” Dual Row LED bar
  • (6) VPR 2” Dual Row cube pod


  • 244 Nightmare Hornblaster kit
  • 18” Gen-Y 21,000 lb drop hitch