If you pay close attention to badass and jacked Ford F-350 trucks, then you might see some familiar elements within this OBS wonder. For those with the keenest of eyes who have been racking their brain questioning where they know this truck from, let us confirm what you may be already thinking. Yes, you have seen this truck before. Well, kind of. “Hollywood” Mike Rivera is the current owner of this Ford and was back when it went by the name “Gold $chlager.” Yep, this is the same truck that was blasted all over social media and that even graced the cover of this very magazine in 2019. This truck was an absolute dream—especially for lifted OBS Ford fanatics.Why would anyone alter anything that truck had to offer?

While the F-350 was as immaculately hardcore as anyone could hope for, Hollywood Mike still saw lots of room for improvement and has since spent the last few years stepping up its game. The most obvious change does come with the new paint color. The F-350 used to be outfitted with a color called Dove Blue, which was a nice hue, especially with the golden accents it once had all throughout the entire underside of the truck. In its latest rendition, however, Mike switched over to a white color with a subtle blue pearl mixed into it for a cool, clean appearance. To make the color conversion complete, the one-off head and taillight housings were disassembled and repainted to match for good measure.

The logo that is now located between the doors represents Triple R Racing Stables, which is one of Mike’s other favorite pastimes that he is also passionate about. Horsepower and horse racing— it doesn’t get much better than these!

Another major feature of the truck Mike felt compelled to change up this time around had to do with the suspension setup. The existing RYD Motorsports 14” lift, complete with front and rear 4-link systems weren’t going anywhere since it looks great and performs even better. What Mike had in mind was simply cosmetic as he planned on elaborating on the looks of the suspension components. What he cooked up is something very special that you might not have seen at any other truck show. 

The existing overlays were removed so they could be engraved and chromed. Now when we say engraved, you may want to take a closer look at just what we actually mean. The attention to detail in the scrollwork is insanely intricate, and when paired with the new dark blue color on the components, the engraving seems to pop even harder. You’re only likely to find this type of modification on top-notch Lowrider vehicles, but Mike arranged for this expert level of craftsmanship to elevate his Ford’s suspension setup to the next level.

With so much else changed on the Ford’s exterior, a brand-new set of wheels and tires were also required to put a different spin on it. Massive 30×16 Paradigm wheels from JTX Forged are two inches larger in diameter than the truck’s last set and look great bolted into place. Covering the new rollers are 42×15.50 Country Hunter M/T tires from Fury. This beefy rubber selection has all the right off-roading features Mike was after to give his truck the ability to conquer any type of terrain it might square up against. 

With an amazing base point to start the rebuild from, Hollywood Mike did have the advantage while pushing his F-350 into a much higher rank. Riding the wave of success of the Ford’s initial build, which was good enough to gain entry into the SEMA show, Mike leaned on his familiar circle of talented friends to help transform the truck into what he now affectionately calls “Cloud Nine9.”

Eden Gonzalez and Cesar ‘Tweety” Olivas of Tweety’s Truck and Tire played a big role in getting the truck to where it is now. Michael’s wife Ashley and his son Peyton also provided him with the support he needed to push through the hard work of rebuilding an established winner. Sure, it’s always tempting to change up a few things here and there with a completed truck, but to break it down and undergo a complete identity change fully? Now, that takes courage— and a whole lot of extra time and money. It’s all worth it to still hold the keys to one of the baddest OBS Ford F-350s on the streets.



30×16 JTX Forged Paradigm wheels

• 42×15.50 Fury Country Hunter M/T tires


RYD 14” lift with front and rear 4-link setup with custom

Chromed and engraved overlays on suspension components

• 2008 Super Duty axles with 3.0 triple bypass ‘bags over

King shocks full high steering with dual steering stabilizers,

torsion rear anti-sway bar


TS Performance switchable position chip

• S&B cold air intake

• 5” straight pipe

• SSBC brake system


• Custom white blue pearl paint

• Custom BodyGuard bumpers

• Gravel Empire grille, Royal hooks and mud flaps chromed

and engraved

• Mirrors smoothed and color matched

• AMP Research PowerStep running boards


• Custom one-piece OBS headlights

• Cab and rear brake lights and taillights are all color



• 2010 Super Duty bucket seats

• Custom white leather with blue stitching for contrast

• Fiberglass dash with custom speedometer

• Color-matched seatbelts

• King Ranch custom color bezel


• Phoenix Gold amps

• (4) sets of Infinity Kappa components

• Custom back seat box with (4) 8” DB Drive subwoofers

• Apple iPad in dash

• AudioControl Epicenter bass processer

• Stinger wiring, Wet Sounds Stealth-6 Surge-B six-speaker

amplified sound bar hidden in the front bumper


1955 FORD F-350






Ashley and Peyton, Triple R Racing Stables, Belinda and Co.,

Tweety’s Tire and JTX Forged