Robbie Bryant is an industry influencer when it comes to helping create some of the most impressive builds in the scene. Robbie and his crew at Keg Media are highly sought after year after year given their vast knowledge of what it takes to create a show-winning ride coupled with an extensive list of aftermarket manufacturer support. He’s been around for quite some time and his legacy only grows each year thanks to noteworthy projects he helps bring to life and the many that have graced the pages of this magazine since its beginning.
Over the last 20 years in the aftermarket automotive world, he’s seen so many trends come and go that he can literally say he’s seen it all. But one thing that will never go out of style is a well-thought-out concept, he mentions. “Our years of experience in automotive design has definitely helped keep us in the trendsetter category with our builds,” he adds.
Every year the custom truck scene is growing and the creativity and varying styles on builds is ever-changing. Robbie admits that he’s also learned not to pay too much attention to what other people are doing. For him, that’s only a distraction and can actually hinder your own progression. “Keep your eyes and mind focused on your own build,” he asserts. “Then you’re never following the pack, you’re leading it.”
Like every other builder, he does care about achieving that “wow” factor, but he doesn’t like to go too over the top with his personal builds. Instead, he’d rather have a “nice, clean look” that’s modest when it comes to modifications. “Sometimes, less is more,” he admits.
This is the case for his own Chevy Silverado 1500. He instantly knew that he needed to create something for himself once he saw the new body style come out and immediately fell in love. The new body lines and sleek front end were perfect for his creative vision and once it was purchased, he went right to work on his own custom ride, using the same building techniques he uses for clients of Keg Media.
“I called up my buddy Justin, owner of Cognito Motorsports, to see if he wanted to team up and have it in his booth at SEMA that year,” he says. “Of course he was down, as we’ve done many booth builds together, and we later debuted it in their booth at the 2019 SEMA Show.”
With a specific look in mind, he wanted to use Troll Blue from Prismatic Powders for the suspension. “I knew it would look great and no one at the time had really done that color. It complemented the factory Satin Steel Metallic paint perfectly.” Another big thing that he wanted to look and fit just right was the bumpers. For him, every bumper at the time looked like it was tucked behind the long front fender, but he wanted to hide that.
“The front end grille and headlights were sleek, but that fender threw the truck off for me. I called up my buddy Cody of Chassis Unlimited as he just recently got into building some great- looking bumpers. His vision and mine were the same and he developed a killer bumper to hide that long front fender and really complete the sleek look of the front end.”
Once those two things were perfected for Robbie (and his partner in crime, wife Keena), it was time to finish his build. Since it was going to be shown in Cognito Motorsports’ booth, the 1500 benefits from their 8” lift setup, which is complemented by American Force Wheels – another company Robbie likes to usually collaborate with. “Our friends at Fury just came out with a 15.50 wide 35” tire and we knew for sure we had to showcase that. Bernard and Alicia at Alea Leather helped with a fresh look on the interior. Bernard always designs something special on my personal builds.” Then, to help make his Chevy one of the cleanest rides around, his buddy Jarrod Muck and the crew at Cali Customs OKC did all the wrenching to bring his rendering to reality.
Thanks to all his great connections, Robbie admits that practically all of his personal builds are seamless and this Chevy was no different. “I think this build is right up there with all my past builds. Super clean. Just the right amount of jazz.” With so many compliments on the look, Robbie knew he knocked another project out of the park. “People really loved the clean look and the Prismatic Powders Troll Blue on the suspension and wheels.”
While Robbie is always busy with Keg Media and his various clients, right now he’s working on a Toyota Tacoma currently on 44” Interco Boggers wrapped around 28×16 TIS Forged wheels. “Lots of Fab Fours accessories on this one and we call it ‘Don Taco’ and hope to grace the cover of this fine magazine with it. It will debut in the TIS Forged booth at SEMA 2021 thanks to Myles and John.”


• 26×16 American Force Jester concave wheels in Prismatic Powders Troll Blue
• 35×15.50R26 Fury Country Hunter M/T tires
• True Spike 112mm spike lugnuts
• R1 Concepts brakes
• S&B Filters cold air intake
• Borla stainless dual exhaust
• Cognito Motorsports 7” Elite lift with Fox Factory Series adjustable coilovers
• Deaver 6” leafsprings
• Cognito SM Series ball joint upper control arms
• Cognito SM Series LDG traction bars
• Everything coated in Prismatic Powders Troll Blue
• Chassis Unlimited Octane Series front and rear bumper, paint matched
• MHI Shackles
• Twisted Pro All Terrain Pro Pod Color cube light in bumpers
• (24) Twisted Pro All Terrain white rock lights
• Undercover Ultra Flex bed cover
• Amp Research power steps
• Grille emblem painted to match powder color
• HornBlasters Conductor Series train horns
• Viair Stealth 485C Gen 2 Compressor
• Alea Leather Quadro Doppio Design in Ebony Nappa Leather with a baby blue Nappa leather to match suspension.
• PowerBass XMA-2405IR 800 watt 2ch Class-D compact amplifier
• (2) PowerBass XL-1040T 10” shallow mount subwoofer
• Custom-built Stage 3 subwoofer enclosure by
Mobile Toys Inc.