These days, it takes a lot to build a truck that truly stands out from the crowd. With these rigs getting bigger, beefier and more aggressive, sometimes you just have to put the pedal to the metal when trying to outdo them all. Landon Willis attempted to do just that with his ’19 Dodge Ram 3500 dually. Hoping to get the truck noticed and remembered in the land of killer off-road pickups, he reached out to some heavy-hitting names in the business to come together and brew up some magic.
Landon knows that builds of this nature take quite a bit of attention, so his first call was to Chris Pate of The Level 7 Network to serve as the project manager for the Ram build. H&S Kreations was quickly lined up to concoct a rendering that would illustrate the truck’s true possibilities. Chris and Landon both liked what they saw in the rendering, and to put an edgy theme to the build, the guys landed on the name “Purple Haze” for the Dodge. It had a nice ring to it and ended up sticking. With a strong visual plan in position, the truck was soon put under the knife for its radical renovation.
Atlas Vehicle Dynamics of San Antonio, Texas, was the Ram’s first destination where a Stryker 10” lift package was already waiting to be installed. After some test fitting, the lift components were taken back apart and sent to be custom powder coated candy purple and Porsche Silver. Protective Powder was hired to handle the job on the suspension parts, as well as lined up to coat even more accessories that would soon be lined up for the Purple Haze project.
To finish off the big lift package, a set of 26” Amani Forged Rogrosso wheels were lined up with the 40-” Fury Country Hunter MT rubber. Given that this Ram is a dually, the rear looks absolutely stacked with so much shiny metal and rugged rubber, there’s no question as to this Dodge’s newfound off-road capabilities. With the more aggressive suspension system well taken care of, the guys could now move on to the next phase of the build.
The truck was still rocking its factory Pearl White paint at this point, and since there was so much buzz surrounding the “Purple Haze” name, it was time to make the next big step forward. Panda Printing in Florida was contacted about designing a wrap that would give the Ram a healthy dose of color and interesting graphics, and man, they sure did deliver. What they dreamt up mixes in lightning- like bolts with a purple color grade that has an undeniably cool far-out, intergalactic feel to it.
Landon’s Ram was truly becoming a sight to see during the day, but to get it noticed even more once night falls, a total of 20 accessories LED lights have been peppered throughout the exterior from the front and rear Fusion bumpers and everywhere in between. There isn’t an inch of this truck that hasn’t been customized in one way or another, and that goes for inside the cab as well. With so much going for it, Purple Haze is one of the most extreme Dodge Rams on the road—you’ll be sure to know it as soon as you see it.


WHEELS/TIRES • 26” Amani Forged Rogrosso wheels w/ Venum Wheel chrome spike lug nuts • 40×15.50R26 front and 40×13.50R26 rear SUSPENSION • Stryker Off Road 10” suspension lift powder coated candy purple and Porsche Silver PERFORMANCE • PPEI Tune w/ 5” exhaust cat-back exhaust and Grille Tech 5×8” tip with custom coating EXTERIOR/ARMOR • Vintage vinyl wrap designed by Panda Printing • Fusion front and rear bumpers • Rock Tamer mud flaps • Effenfast license plate covers RECOVERY • Monster Hook custom coated swivel hook on front bumpers • Rhino hitch • InfiniteRule security keyed locks for hook and hitch LIGHTING • 2 Twisted Pro 5” Quad hybrids • Twisted Pro single row 20” light bar in front bumpers • 2 Twisted Pro single row 6” light bars in the rear bumper • Color-matched headlights with Morimoto RGB daytime running lights built by Gold Standard Lighting ACCESSORIES • Lock’er Down center console safe • Hobbs Off Road USA custom chase rack INTERIOR • Roadwire seat covers, black perforated leather, purple piping with silver stitching


CHRIS PATE  for coming up with the name for the build, the crew at H&S KREATIONS for the amazing rendering, PANDA PRINTING for the wrap, VINTAGE VINYL WRAPS for wrapping the truck in such short notice, PROTECTIVE POWDER for handling all our powder coating needs—this build wouldn’t have been possible without all the great sponsors being a part of it. Also, THANKS TO MY AMAZING WIFE CYNTHIA WILLIS for pushing me to make this happen ATLAS VEHICLE DYNAMICS, @HURR_UP@LEVEL7PREZ,