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DUB SHOW TOUR 2018 Next TOur Stop


Chevy Silverado 2500 HDs should never run stock, which is why Asanti Wheels equipped this bad boy with a set of their AB-201 with Machined Black Accents Wheels!
TeraFlex Jeeps

TeraFlex has a bad to the bone set up for any Jeep enthusiast! The Jeeping lifestyle is built into every single item of their vast arsenal of Jeep Wrangler additions.
This Chevy 2500HD is one mean machine as it stomps around on Black Rhino Predator Wheels!
Concept to Reality With Fab Fours

Behind the scenes action of what they doat Fab Fours!
A clean lifted GMC SierraHD on American Force Wheels for those who like it simple yet stylish.
Starwood Motors Bandit at Moab

Starwood Motors' 'Bandit doing HellsGate at MOAB for the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari!
2017 Ford F-250 Built on Specialty Forged Wheels

A 2017 Ford F-250 Built on 26x14 Specialtys & 10 inch FTS lift by Tweety's in Midland, TX | video by Salinas Photography
BTS Look At American Force's Wheels Being Polished

Fascinated by wheels? Check out American Force's video that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how their wheels are's pretty mesmerizing!
Check out this Cleaver Dually On black and milled Fuel Off-Road Wheels, which add to its aggressive exterior!
Check out this 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 rocking a set of KMC XD834 Wheels!
KEG MEDIA Chevy 2500HD with Cognito Lift

Keg Media built this Chevy 2500HD with a Cognito 10"-12" Lift Kit and blue accents throughout for SEMA 2016, resulting in a truly unique build.
A Twin Turbo Cummins Jeep Wrangler on Specialty Forged SF027 26X16 Wheels with photos By Dale Martin.