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Charted Territory

Written by Michael Bollinger | Photos: Dale Martin
close up shot of jeep wrangler grill and tow

Jason began spraying bed liners as a side job and thanks to his quality and professionalism, his business gained momentum. Word spread quickly that there was a guy around town doing a better job lining beds than all of the big names that have become synonymous with the industry. But Jason’s big break came when the largest vehicle customizer in the area gave him an opportunity to beat a big-name competitor. Jason blew the competition’s doors off and earned the gig, cementing his side hustle into his main hustle.

external front quarter shot of jeep wrangler

When Jason began the venture, it was just him in a 500-square-foot building. The business, Camoliner, expanded, ultimately employing 18 people in a 16,000-square-foot facility. Unfortunately, the company funneling the majority of the jobs to Camoliner eventually turned off the spigot, thus forcing Jason’s company to downsize significantly. But that hasn’t stopped Jason from hustling even harder. And that’s what this Jeep Wrangler build symbolizes – the rebooting of Jason’s business, as it would be the last build under the Camoliner nameplate and the first with the new outfit, C.L.O.A.K. USA.

external front shot of jeep wrangler


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