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Written by Michael Bollinger | Photos: Brian McGee

RAM trucks have been around since the early 1980s and with every new generation, they’ve matured into a vehicle that is not only powerful and capable, but also loaded with creature comforts.

And even though the first and second generation RAMs weren’t all that attractive, the latest editions are easy on the eyes, which explains why there’s so many lifted to the heavens.

The Rodriguez family of Delano, California, is a RAM family, having used only RAM trucks on their family-operated Pistachio farm. “Our grandpa always had RAMs,” says Steve, the family’s frontman. “We just continued the tradition.” Not only did they continue their grandfather’s legacy, they built on it as the family has produced a trio of towering trucks that anyone would be proud to have in their stable. With three different family members - Steve, his brother Joey and cousin Zeke - of course, the styling is going to differ from rig to rig. To the novice onlooker, the three vehicles are simply lifted show trucks that just so happen to be the same make and model. However, the more astute truck enthusiast can notice from a mile away that they vary considerably and have distinctly unique themes.

The first in the family to put together their RAM was Joey, with the whole clan helping build his 2012 RAM with its matte pearl white wrap, neon and chrome suspension and Snugtop camper shell. And Joey’s rig isn’t lacking in the performance department as it features a Black Market Performance S475 turbo kit with Industrial Injection 150hp injectors and nitrous. A Mega Jr. Suncoast transmission and 4.88 gears front and rear make sure all that power makes it to the pavement properly.

After Joey’s rig was completed, the family began to build the other two. Zeke’s silver 2500 with its magenta throwback graphics is an ode to the sport trucks of the ’90s and the powder coated suspension components are a striking reminder that this RAM can shut down any show. Zeke’s RAM boasts an insane Krazy Kustoms suspension lift, 24x16” American Force wheels and 40” Nitto tires.

But, the Rodriguez RAM that stands out the most from the trifecta is Steve’s 2014 2500. Not only is it the tallest of the bunch with an 18” lift, it also features the most substantial body mods of the crew. Steve opted to combine multiple genres with a pre-runner theme, featuring wider fenders, cage-mounted spare and round KC lights above the cab. Of course, everything else about the truck is strictly show status, but the hat tip to the desert pre-runners that the family grew up admiring on the beach is commendable. For the color palette, Steve opted for a subtle matte black finish with candy teal accents.

Although these three RAMS are quite different, underneath the body they’re all virtually identical. The three Rodriguez trucks feature Krazy Kustom Fabrication lifts and massive American Force wheels. The diameters and options may vary, but the chassis components are the glue that holds these farm trucks together.

American Force Wheels | Krazy Kustom Fabrication | Instagram - Steve Rodriguez @thereal_mstrcandy | Instagram - Zeke Rodriguez @suga_ddy | Instagram - Joey Rodriguez @joey93_aftermath