The Turtle - 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK
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The Turtle - 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK

Written by Kristie Bertucci | Photos by: Dale Martin

Baylee Williams has been around tons of customized rides since she first started dating Max Brill, owner of Maxxed Performance in Baytown, TX.

images of the turtle, including external head on shot, wheels, and shocks

With a boyfriend who creates show-worthy trucks and Jeeps, it was only natural that Baylee want something for herself. Being a sporty girl by nature, Baylee knew her first custom would be a Jeep Wrangler. “When I bought my Jeep, I had no idea what the outcome would be,” she admits. “I knew I wanted a lift, wheels and tires, but I never imagined Specialty Forged wheels and the interior and audio coming into play.” All Baylee knew was that she wanted a Jeep that she could drive on the regular and then flaunt it on the weekends at shows and events.

While the majority of Jeep builds use the four-door Wrangler, Baylee knew if she wanted to something unique, she needed to be different and went with the classic two-door design.

interior image of the turtle

“I wanted my Jeep to stand out from the crowd of Jeeps,” she describes. “With this build, I wanted to show people that you don’t have to conform to what everyone else is building, but to let your build speak for itself.”

Since the initial design was to build a stand-out Jeep, Max and Baylee went to work gathering the right mods and accessories to bring their vision to life. But as they got deeper and deeper into the process, they realized that their first vision wasn’t as detailed as it needed to be. “Max doesn’t let the details go untouched and I was always ready to do the next big thing. So, as the build progressed so did our ideas, we wanted to go bigger and better.”

external side view of the turtle

Nicknamed the “Turtle” for its crazy stance and slow moving speeds, it sports VKS front and rear bumpers, a powder-coated BDS suspension lift with FOX shocks that were wrapped by Pixlewerks and 22x16 Specialty Forged wheels (that the company took the time to build with Maxx Performance using Facetime) wrapped in 355/40R22 Nitto Trail Grapplers. Inside there are Corbeau Racing seats and an audio system made up of Focal mids and highs and an 18” SAS sub done by Car Tunes (Clear Lake, TX).

“It’s so cool to drive down the road and show people the idea you had in your mind,” Baylee says, adding that people are left speechless when they see it at shows. The Jeep made its grand entrance at Lone Star Throwdown and she admits that the build is one of the “coolest things” she’s ever done. “I got responses that I only dreamed of. People took tons of pictures of it, and circled it when the audio was playing. It was awesome to see people in awe of my Jeep and appreciate the build the way that I do.”

As one of the things Baylee is most proud of, she loved being able to brainstorm with Max and the shop’s crew every step of the way. “The guys never let a detail go untouched and always give their honest opinion about what you should and shouldn’t do,” she details. Because everyone was so involved, she felt that it wasn’t just her build anymore and is happy to share something that she loves with a shop she considers family. “My jeep is something that I have always dreamed of. The build has totally exceeded my expectations; I’ve been super lucky to have the opportunity to do something as big as this!”

external rear shot of the turtle

gear: 2010 jeep wrangler jk
    Wheels & Tires
  • 22x16 Specialty Forged wheels
  • 355/40R22 Nitto Trail Grappler tires

  • Exterior
  • VKS Fabrication Prerunner front winch bumper
  • VKS Fabrication Shorty rear bumper
  • JW Speaker headlights and taillights

  • Suspension & Performance
  • BDS Suspension 4” lift kit
  • Fox Performance Series Adjustable Through Shaft steering stabilizer
  • 4.88 gears

  • Audio
  • Pioneer head unit
  • Focal K/2 mids and highs
  • 18” SAS CAT-X Ti Basket woofer
  • Taramps Electronics HD8000 amplifier
  • Singer 320 amp

  • Interior
  • Corbeau seats
  • NRG steering wheel
  • Full leather and Ultrasuede interior

Maxxed Performance |

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