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F7LTHY : 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Written by Kristie Bertucci | Photos by Brian McGee

You might recall the name J.J. “DocZilla” Dubec from Issue 98, having gawked at his envious 2013 Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 (and of course his Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R) and now the doctor/automotive connoisseur is back with a killer Jeep Wrangler JK.

rear shot of Jeep

“I love 4x4s,” he confesses. “I’ve been modding and lifting Jeeps since 1997 with the TJ platform. It was natural for me to extend my resume to include a 4x4 project once the exotic car builds gained solid traction and I was able to approach companies with my ideas.” J.J. wanted the Jeep to showcase his passion for the tuner market that he’s grown to love to the 4x4 world where he started, creating a crossover Jeep that would gain as much attention as his previous builds. Going with the name “F7LTHY,” the JK also ties into his newly formed lifestyle brand of the same name. “It suits the build well because it’s matte black and always dirty,” he laughs. “But the ability to clean it up and have it show ready is essential, and I feel it looks great, but functionality always wins!”

rear shot of Jeep

With a desire to truly demonstrate the depth of the Jeep aftermarket and a mission to enhance the Jeep platform, J.J. knew he needed to seek out the best of the best when it came down to choosing parts. “I have learned all too often in my medical career and through my automotive passion that you must go after the best whenever possible,” he explains. “I worked through choosing products using my own experiences, respected automotive contacts, and internet research to compile the list of products I wanted to use.”

Interior of Jeep

J.J. knew right off the bat that it had to feature a pre-runner-style look with a Fabtech 5” long-arm coilover suspension. To give it the power he was used to, a RIPP Supercharger was installed. VPR bumpers, Smittybilt XRC fenders and accessories provide it with its stealthy look, while 22” Dropstars wheels and Nitto Ridge Grapplers finish the footing. He chose Rigid Industries lighting to help with any low light off roading situations he may come across.

Front shot of the Jeep

“The response has been absolutely overwhelming,” he details. “ I love how it runs and I love the overall stance! Folks really seem to love the build and the smiles and jaw-drops I get from the little ones are awesome!” In fact, his kids love going for Slurpees in it with Dad, with J.J. adding the JK is already a true member of his family. “I really love each build I do. They are almost like children to me! You don’t love one more than another, but you sure love each kid for their different traits!”

Rear shot of the Jeep

Besides being a daily driver, J.J. will be hitting a bunch of shows this year, showcasing his F7LTHY Jeep, while he starts to work on his next build - a 2017 Acura NSX with the full Liberty Walk treatment. One thing DocZilla knows is medicine and cars and his fleet is a true testament to his ability to floss some serious automotive game!

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