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Saturday, 27 May 2017 02:55

STILL RICH : F-250 Super Duty

Written by Kristie Bertucci | Photos: Solomon Lunger

That’s exactly the same feeling some adults get when they go mud bogging – an off-road motorsport that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. For those not familiar with mud bogging, mudding or mud running, it’s when you drive your rig through a pit of mud or a track filled with mud, with winners being determined by how far they can get through the mud or whoever completes the run in the shortest amount of time. And it doesn’t even have to be a competition...


Everyone has their off-roading preference, such as hitting the dunes with their weekend toys, rock crawling, trail running and some like to get down and dirty in the mud like Austin Pickens, who turned to Robert Pigue of Plan B Fab and Jason Dvorak of JFab to build his truck. On a mission to create something that will win shows while still being able run in the mud, Austin chose a Ford F-250 Super Duty to bring his visions of a next-level rig to life.


“The goal of the build was to fabricate a truck that has never been built,” Robert confesses. “Something that sets itself apart from anything ever done and to show people it wasn’t just made to look at. You can spend all the money you want on something, but unless it’s done right, you’ll only be able to show it. This was built to prove you could have a show stopping truck and the baddest mud truck at the same time.

The Super Duty gave Plan B Fab the ability to create a seamless build and was chosen because of the ease parts can be swapped around. Modifications were chosen based on both form and function, which was the requirement to keep it both show and performance ready. “We used a 2002 F-250 7.3L V8 Diesel donor truck and installed an OEM 2015 F-250 Platinum front clip and bed with tailgate,” he details about the conversion they’ve nicknamed “Still Rich” because everyone that sees it thinks Austin spent all his money building it.


To provide the power to plow through the mud, Still Rich utilizes a 1995 Dodge Cummins 12-valve twin turbo engine with a Fourth Gear transmission and FTI Performance converter, in addition to a SCS Gearbox 23”CL Drop Quick Change Transfer Case and Overtime CNC Performance driveline brakes with Wilwood calipers. Plan B Fab fabricated a custom sheet metal hybrid chassis, along with two front custom sheetmetal Meritor Axle Housings by JFab. Aluminum Overtime CNC hubs were placed on the axles to reduce the weight and a PSC Motorsports 4 wheel steering setup. The combination of 18.4x34 Titan Checkmark R2 65”tall tires on custom-built 34x18 3-piece wheels by Plan B Fab were chosen to give it the look required while also providing the traction needed to move through mud. It’s running dual 1.75” swaybar kits and everything on the suspension and chassis is powder coated or polished. Custom built bumpers by JFab and the body itself is dressed in a Pearl White with Blue Candy Pearl paint for an eye-catching effect.

Inside, the interior was completely redone by Highline Auto (Tampa, FL) with black suede seats and blue diamond stitched inserts, suede headliner and door panels housing eight 8” PRV Audio midrange speakers and four PRV Audio tweeters. Three 12” Skar Audio subwoofers are mounted behind the seats and the system is powered by five SKAR Audio amplifiers.

While the crew produced a flawless build, it wasn’t without it’s share of issues. “From changing parts, axles, the motor being from a different truck, custom one-off parts since nothing was used from the original setup – we faced it all during this build,” Robert confesses. “But we just sat back and took the ride and dealt with the tough problems as they came up.”

For Austin, the final product turned out better than he could ever have imagined, with the truck getting attention everywhere it goes. “It was built for a reason, and we think we made a statement,” Robert describes. “There are some people who called it ‘worthless,’ ‘a waste of money,’ ‘trailer queen,’ etc. But a lot more people loved and admired it. Once the truck hit the mud events and shows, everyone talked highly of it and we definitely changed people’s opinions once it was put in the mud!”

At the time, this was Robert and his team’s hardest, longest and most impressive build, but they’ve since built a 2016 Ford F-250 Platinum street truck that’s going to be the new king of the shop.

Austin would like to give thanks to everyone who helped along the way with the build. The shop guys at Plan B Fab. Robert Pigue - Owner, Travis Schaub - Design CAD, Mike Kent - Lead Fabricator, Tim Taylor, Hayden Nanan, Steve Avant are amazing! Special thanks to Jason Dvorak owner of JFab for sitting with us and helping with everything. SCS Gearbox, Overtime CNC Performance, FTI Performance Transmission and Converters, Fourth Gear Transmission and Central FL Powdercoating.