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Monday, 04 January 2016 20:45


Written by Kristie Bertucci Photos: Jason Bukolt

Fab Fours pushed the envelope of design with their concept THE LEGEND that we featured back in DUB Magazine’s Issue 94

And now they’re back with a completely new radical custom – The LEGEND 2.Woah. This new project builds upon THE LEGEND and improves its functionality to go with its ground-breaking looks.

“The premise of ‘The LEGEND 2.Woah’ was to keep a majority of the crazy proportions and styling of being wide, low, and on huge tires…. Yet be prepared to ride on ANY trail regardless of difficulty, says owner/CEO of Fab Fours Inc. Greg Higgs. “We have to be able to go where the enthusiasts and cameras are, and if that is on the hardest of the hard trails, so be it! 2.Woah was going to look wild, but function like a boss.”

Just like its predecessor, THE LEGEND 2.Woah is just as bold and eye-catching and is all “show and go, without a question.” To finish the vision of the original, all five in-house designers at Fab Fours worked tirelessly to get everything right, and thanks to the company’s sophisticated product development, they have all the equipment needed to prototype instantly. According to Higgs, they’re now creating a new product every 56-man hours, which is extremely fast in the aftermarket industry.

“Consider that after that design time, we can create a steel version in half a day,” he mentions.” Since we have full 3D CAD models of the Jeep JK this was a straightforward process of concept sketch to the Jeep. The real changes were just from the first LEGEND to 2.Woah, particularly the tighter fenders and the redesigned 4-link front suspension compared to the original radius arms.” In total, it took nine weeks to build 2.Woah, but if Higgs had to make another one tomorrow, he says it’ll only take 12 days now!

THE LEGEND 2.Woah may look like a show vehicle, but Higgs made sure that it was still trail worthy, with only a few minor concessions to performance here and there in the interest of keeping the Jeep so low. It still has all the mods you’d expect from a typical rock crawler – including ProRock 80 front and rear axles , RCV axle shafts, PSC Motorsports full hydraulic steering, a roll cage, a LS3 motor, a 4:1 transfer case, and zero degree departure and approach angles.

One standout addition on the 2.Whoa is its huge red Mohawk top of the JK, which was introduced when Higgs was sketching the Jeep to decide on color scheme. “Thumbing through color options and glancing over at the Jeep it hit me and I went and sketched the ‘HAWK’ on top,” he describes. “As it was written, it had to be done! That and I refused to cater to the ‘haters’ that talked smack about our original THE LEGEND. LEGEND 2.Woah was in fact going to be a more capable purpose-built crawler that oozed function – I had to add something purely impractical and over the top.”

Another highlight of the build is its insane width thanks to its 46” tires and no lift kit. According to Higgs, it has a net width of 103.5” - slightly hanging over a legal width trailer. “No lift means that the full burden of the diameter of the tire will be right at the center of the frame,” he adds. “Normally, with the frame considerably higher than the centerline of the tire there is a much smaller cross section of tire to manage when turning lock to lock. To pull off a fully functional 2.Woah, the axles are 78” wide! Then, it has 14” wide wheels with a negative 77 offset!”

Although, the response has been phenomenal for Higgs and Fab Fours since people love its over-the-top nature, it’s still not flawless when it comes to its off-road capabilities. Higgs still has an Atlas transfer case to install so that it can do “front digs” to avoid 3-point turns due to its long length and width and mentions that it performs its best at around 7 psi in the tires. “With the extra width wheels, she is quick to squirt some air in a bind. Beadlocks for the wheels are in the future, we just have to find the right set that can complement the build and maintain the width.”

When THE LEGEND 2.Woah was unveiled at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT earlier this year, Higgs mentions that he pretty much destroyed the original axle trusses and suspension links when he limped off of Pritchett Canyon which is one of the toughest trails in Moab. “The front axle was holding in place by a thread!” he confesses. “But about 20 hours working besides the stellar team at Moab Outpost, I had her patched together and back out on the trails. This was the major learning curve for coming back and redesigning the suspension… no risk now!”

2.Whoa is gearing up to make an appearance at the upcoming SEMA Show, where it’ll compete in the show’s “Battle of the Builders.” Higgs and his team gave it a quick tear down and a new color scheme to make her presentable. After, THE LEGEND 2.Woah will then take to the road and hit industry wheeling events, FAB Fours trade shows and general off-road adventures, hitting up any trail that it encounters. Oh, and for those that don’t believe that THE LEGEND 2.Woah is a legitimate off-road machine, Higgs has some parting words for you…

“Call us out. If you can get media coverage interested then lets do it. Crawling, bouncing, racing, any time, any place! See you on the trails!”

GEAR: The Legend 2.WOAH

  • Bruiser Conversions engine swap GM Performance LS3 crate motor rated at 480 horsepower
  • Dynatrac ProRock 80 front/rear axles
Wheels & Tires
  • 20x14 American Force Master FP8 Faceplate wheels
  • 19.5/46-20LT Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires
  • JKS ACOS front adjustable coil spring mounts with air bumps from JKS Manufacturing
  • Fox remote-reservoir 2.0 shocks and 3-inch 2.0 Fox Air bumpstops
  • Custom Fab Fours radius arm suspension with Currie Johnny Joints
  • Ironman 4×4 Fab 7075 T6 aluminum control arms with Johnny Joints and 7075 T6 aluminum track bars with Barnes 4WD Heim joints
  • JK Coil Springs
  • Custom Fab Fours “Mohawk” Rooster comb
  • “GRUMPER” integrated grille and bumper with Oracle lighting Halo headlights
  • WARN Zeon 12 Platinum recovery winch
  • Factor 55 Pro Link winch thimble
  • Chopped Smittybilt fiberglass hardtop
  • Rigid Industries Rock Lights and 50" LED light bar

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