Ol Yeller
March 17, 2018


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Ol Yeller

Written by Kristie Bertucci | Photos: Brian McGee
Greg Yount has been a truck guy from day one. With a dad who was heavy into hot rod drag racing, it was only natural for him to grow up with that same passion.
Now, he’s a self-proclaimed “hot rod truck guy” and paints and builds them for a living. For his own truck, Yount built up his 1978 Dodge W150 stepside truck with the help of his dad, Bennett Leffler and the crew at Performance Authority, Ricky Vecqueray of 369 Custom Fabrication and his sponsors.

“This truck has been through its share of mud bogging back in the 90’s as well as drag races,” he admits. “It was done in memory of my mother Bonnie Yount, who originally owned this truck since it was new, and passed from cancer in ’09. I actually learned to drive in this truck, so it was my first vehicle.”

Ol Yeller

When he turned 18, Yount and his dad started to fix it up and pulled the original 360 small block out and put the 440 big block in its place as well as started working on lifting it and making the big 4x4 that he wanted back in the day. “I had it lifted up and sitting on 39.5” Swampers back in the ’90’s and began showing it at mini truck shows and car shows as well as mud bogging it then. The truck was torn down in 1994 to do a frame off to better it for the shows I was attending.” But when life started to get busy, the truck was left on the back burner and now 21 years later, the truck was completed to where it is today. “We know my mom is smiling and very happy with the way her truck sits today.”

Ol Yeller

The old Dodge is an attention getter from top to bottom. A Sikkens 3-stage pearl yellow paint is what initially catches the eyes, while its custom suspension by Performance Authority and 369 Fabrication with Pure Performance 2.65 Prodigy reservoir shocks showcases the details and level of customization in the build. A massive set of 40X15.5R22 Nitto Mud Grapplers which are wrapped around chrome 22x14 Hostile Gauntlets which match perfectly with the entire look of the truck. Inside, the 2000 Dodge quadcab seats were redone by Roadwire Leather, with the trim and headliner taken from a 1993 Dodge.

To power all this, Yount went with a Cummins over the 440 BB that was in it since years ago, and wanted to do a mix of old and new. Boosting its power is a BD Performance Super B turbo, stainless exhaust manifold, and intake ram.

Ol Yeller

Since its inception, the truck that’s been nicknamed “Ol Yeller” has attended numerous shows, where it’s won first place trophies in its class, in addition to being a social media sensation. “I could not be happier with the result of the build,” Yount reveals. “It was built for show and go with the intention of it being my weekend cruiser. It will be driven and is currently being driven. She’s not a trailer queen. I have to call out Ryan Few of Octane Industries for helping me get all the mods.” And he’s even tested Ol Yeller out on the sand dunes, where it performed like a true beast.


1978 Dodge W150 stepside Performance

2000 Cummins 24 valve engine w/ BD Super B turbo

Custom intake

Edge Performance chip

Diamond Eye 5” straight pipe

PCS/Suncoast standalone TCM

Suncoast valve body

BD Maxflow fuel pump

BD intake manifold

Custom aluminum fuel tank


Dana 60 front axle and Dana 80 rear axle

Pure Performance 2-5/8 Reservoir shocks

10” third generation rear leaf springs custom mounted

12” third generation front coils with custom coil buckets

Tires & Wheels 22x14 Hostile Gauntlet wheels

40x15.5R22 Nitto Mud Grappler tires

Interior 1993 Dodge interior trim and headliner

2000 Dodge quad cab seats

Crosscut mahogany boards in the bed floor


Instagram - @gregscustomcreations

FB - Facebook.com/GregsCustomCreations

Twitter - @Gregscstmcr8tns

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