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Polaris Ranger Crew Diesel: Underground AutoStyling

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Underground AutoStyling has built many show-stopping vehicles and innovative builds in the past, including their famous all-white Jeeps, the world’s loudest center console boat, a stretched Ford F-650 limo truck, and a slew of Polaris Slingshots. They’ve built countless show vehicles, as well as daily drivers, and come up with unique customs for even the most outrageous requests.

This particular show-stopper is a Polaris Ranger Crew Diesel which was built to be the world’s loudest side-by-side. MMATs Pro Audio got wind of Underground AutoStyling’s build and they knew they had to have it in their booth at the 2016 CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, where this bass-pounding Polaris made its debut. Known for creating efficient and powerful amplifiers and subwoofers, MMATs Pro Audio provided the shop with all the products they’d need to accomplish their goal.

According to Jake Polubinski, owner of Underground AutoStyling, the vehicle has well over 30,000W and houses more than 50 speakers, along with thousands of feet of wire. And all of this is seamlessly integrated into the Polaris to where you can barely tell how much equipment exists, making it almost look factory. Powering everything are two large Stinger batteries with an onboard generator with all Stinger premium wire. Although it’s more than capable of hitting the mud and trails, this Ranger was purpose-built to go on the show circuit. Many of its electronic features limit its off-road usage, including a motorized iPad Mini, amplifier rack and speaker pods. The Ranger is the first side-by-side that’s rocking 22” Forgiato wheels in 33” mud tires - with an S3 lift kit installed to accommodate the large dirt tires.

This particular Polaris build boasts a one-off welded frame and cage that was designed in-house that look seamless as if they came straight from the factory. “For durability, all of the speakers are waterproof coated and a marine vinyl custom interior was installed, while the framework is all aluminum and the custom roof and other parts are all fiberglass,” Polubinski says.

Polubinski has taken the Polaris to many shows, and because it’s so loud, he’s always asked to turn it down because it disrupts any performances on stage. “The audio on it would compare to many professional sound stages and, yet, it's coming from a side-by-side,” he says. “Underground is known for putting insanely loud and clear sound into everything we put our hands on and on most vehicles people would not think possible. This build exemplifies that.” Never one to rest on their own laurels, Underground AutoStyling is already working on the world’s loudest Polaris Slingshot.


MMATs Pro Audio
(4) Ultimate SQ HiFi-4250D amplifiers
(1) Ultimate SQ HiFi-6150D amplifier
(1) M2000.05D amplifier
(1) CX6PRO processor
(1) MP-5 5 band equalizer
(2) 12” Monster12 subwoofers
(8) 10” DTX10 midbass speakers
(20) ST1 tweeters
(12) 6018 midbass/midrange speakers
(2) CD1 Full Neo Compression drivers
(6) PS65cx “Point Source” coaxial speaker

Underbody lights by Race Sport
50” LED light bar by Race Sport
20” LED light bar by Race Sport
(4) 6” corner strobes

Wheels and Tires
22” Forgiato Finesto wheels
33X12.50R22 AMP Terrain Master MT tires

S3 Automotive 6” long arm lift kit

Jeep Wrangler PW7 white paint
Prodigy marine vinyl

Custom in-house Underground AutoStyling upholstery

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