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KAOS: Resurrected 1982 Jeep J10

Written by Kristie Real | Photos: Dale Martin
KAOS: Resurrected 1982 Jeep J10

Getting your hands on one isn’t that hard these days, thanks to the Internet and social media. When it came down to choosing the base vehicle for a build, Taylor Sprayberry knew it had to be the J10 after he heard rumors of Jeep introducing another modernized pickup truck (which has now been named the Gladiator and was first unveiled at the 2018 LA Auto Show). “I thought it would be cool to emphasize the legendary Jeep pickup in honor of the new Gladiator JT,” he admits.

KAOS: Resurrected 1982 Jeep J10

Originally, the thought process behind the build was to nix the truck bed and instead have “more of a tube-style chassis back half,” Taylor explains. But like any customizer who knows how things really go down, initial designs always changed.

KAOS: Resurrected 1982 Jeep J10

“Although this would have been an extremely cool aspect of the build, I decided to keep it a little more along the lines of its traditional appearance by keeping the bed on it.” However, he did shorten the bed and chassis by nearly two feet, which gave it a distinct look.


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