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Altered Egos: Chris Pate’s Duallies

Written by Kristie Real | Photos: Dale Martin
Altered Egos: Chris Pate’s Duallies

“When I was planning my first Dually build, he said he wanted a red truck,” Pate explains. “I like to go with themes because it allows me to be more creative with the build and everything falls together easily in my head. My son loves superheroes so for a big red Dually, the Juggernaut just seemed right.”

Altered Egos: Chris Pate’s Duallies

With the Juggernaut build underway, Chris was already brainstorming his next big masterpiece, which he was certain was going to be another Dually. When Trent mentioned he now wanted a green truck, Chris also had the idea and desire to incorporate fog machines into a build and decided it was time to try his hand at his biggest project to date.

Altered Egos: Chris Pate’s Duallies

To pair his Juggernaut with another superhero, Chris figured the Green Lantern was perfect given Trent’s choice of color and started planning his new build even before Juggernaut was finished.


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