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2015 Chevy Colorado Prerunner

Written by Kristie Real | Dale Martin
head on external shot of chevy colorado with a river and bridge in the background

With a distinct white with red accents exterior, the Colorado has been completely transformed into a prerunner fantasy that any off-roading enthusiast would be willing to try out at the Baja 1000 in a heartbeat! But the desert isn’t the only place the Keg Runner rides, given Robbie Bryant of Keg Media made sure it was more than capable of handling the urban terrain as a daily driver.

close up shot of chevy colorado's front headlight

“When I first saw the new Colorado body style and how wide the front fenders were stock I knew they would make a great prerunner truck with even wider fenders,” he says for his preferred choice to use a Chevy for the base vehicle. “I chose white because it makes a nice blank canvas for a prerunner truck that’s going to get graphics and a lot of logos added. The red was chosen to make it pop on the accessories.”

external close up shot of chevy colorado's windshield and led lights

Keg Media is known for their realistic renderings that showcase a build before it’s even started, and they mocked it all up and had an exact blueprint to what the end result needed to be. Rarely straying from their renderings, Robbie and his crew knew they wanted to use the best of the best when it came to choosing products, a big reason why they joined forces with MagnaFlow. “Being my first prerunner, I really wanted it to stand out.”

close up shot of n-fab prerunner bumper


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