September 06, 2019

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Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:24


Written by DUB Staff | Photos: Brian McGree & David Tobiassen

Monsters & Tacos - Anaheim

LFTDxLVLD hosted the first-ever Monster Energy Truck and Jeep Meet “Monsters & Tacos” on Sunday, July 26th at Savini Wheels’ headquarters in Anaheim,CA! Our emcee for the day was KROQ’s Lightning, and they had some awesome free giveaways from American Fastbacks and Roadwire Leather Interiors! The event was open to the public and featured free Monster Energy drinks and tacos from Wahoos Fish Taco for the first 250 attendees. There was also a charity car wash sponsored SmokeBuddy, which featured a few beauties hosing all the rides down. Savini Wheels also made a huge announcement that they will be debuting their “GRID” Off-Road Wheels collection at this year’s SEMA Show! Shoutout to everyone who made it out and to the Redline Truck Club for rolling in deep!